IG LIVE: Setting SMART Goals & Crushing Them

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We go live (with wine, as always) to talk about some essentials for setting goals and our best tips for getting started. We also share a 5 step process you can use to set (and crush) goals for your blog, plus a little about S.M.A.R.T. goals and why you should use them to create realistic goals that you'll actually work towards.


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What we're covering:

  • Goal Setting Essentials

    • Write them down
    • Break them down
    • Accountability: 3 types
    • Have a system + Make it a habit
    • Batch similar tasks for efficiency
  • 5-Step Goal Setting Process

    • Step 01: Set monthly goals
    • Step 021: Make a list of tasks fro each goal
    • Step 03: Schedule the tasks - make them into to-do lists
    • Step 04: Revisit the to-do lists and plan your week
    • Step 05: Reschedule what you didn't get done

    • S - Specific

    • M - Measurable

    • A - Attainable

    • R - Relevant

    • T - Time-Bound

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