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We're rounding up all the different resources we have for planning and creating amazing content and putting them all in one spot.



This mini course includes one 20-min video with printables to walk you though setting up a content strategy and planning process for your blog. You'll learn about how to make a content framework, brainstorm post ideas, plan out your content via an editorial calendar, further develop pos ideas, and plan out your content via a weekly posting schedule and task list.

Each phase of the process has it's own printable. If you don't currently have a content planning process in place, you can adopt the entire planning system, or you can just pick and choose which steps and printables you want to improve your current process.

  02 CRUSHIT: Blog Planning + Strategy Workshop Replay

In our January webinar, we shared our process and some of our best tips for planning and scheduling out content. We talk about goal setting and why we do in on a monthly basis instead of yearly, as well as chat about the 4 different categories you should be setting growth goals for as a blogger and how to go about doing it for each:

  1. Blog Growth
  2. Social Growth
  3. Brand Collaborations & Income Goals
  4. Professional Development

Watch this webinar to give you a good overview for planning and setting blog goals, then dig into the Content Planning Mini-Course for more specifics about planning content that aligns with those goals.


03 BLOGGED Podcast - Episode 011: 

"Content Creation Strategy + Building a Community around your Platform with Darling Magazine Managing Editor Teresa Archer"

On this episode of the Blogged Podcast, we sit down with Teresa Archer for some fabulous insight into developing a purposeful content creation strategy. We dive into the importance of creating content that is meaningful, relevant,  and provides true value to your audience. She gives insight into what content trends she thinks are next and the difference between creating content that is raw and making yourself accessible to your audience through what you create and post. She also shares some advice for building a community around your platform and what it means to have true influence.

Teresa Archer watches over the words, themes, and emerging patterns of culture in her position as Managing Editor for Darling. Coming from a background working with the entertainment and creative industries, she is involved in every step of the print issues, from ideation and vision casting, creating pitches, finding authors, and editing. In addition, Teresa oversees and curates relationship strategies with the network of Influencers, Thought Leaders, and emerging movements that partner with Darling. 

04 Planning Your Content Like a Boss - Instagram Live Replay

Whether you’re new to editorial calendars or you’ve been blogging for years and have decided it’s finally time to get a handle on planning out your content, we’re talking all about what a content plan is, why you need one, plus our best 6 tips for creating a content plan and some essential content strategies.

What we're covering:

  • What is a content plan?
  • Why do you need one?
  • Tips for creating a content plan
  • Content strategies

05 How to use Batching in Your Content Creation Process - Instagram Live Replay

We're taking about one of our favorite strategies to working efficiently: using batching for content creation. it helps you work smarter not harder - you can be lazy but efficient because the same tasks take less time which means more time for wine and Netflix.

What we're covering:

  • What is batching
  • Why you should give it a try
  • How to batch
    •  The Simple Way: What we use
    •  The Structured Way:
  • Our favorite examples of batching
  • Practical tips for batching
  • Batching categories


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blogger content planning | blog plan | Blog strategy | content creation | blogging resources | My Haute Society
blogger content planning | blog plan | Blog strategy | content creation | blogging resources | My Haute Society
blogger content planning | blog plan | Blog strategy | content creation | blogging resources | My Haute Society
blogger content planning | blog plan | Blog strategy | content creation | blogging resources | My Haute Society

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