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Tips for making your Pins Shoppable & Mastering Pinterest as a Blogger

Pinterest is an essential tool to drive traffic as a blogger. Cara sits down to share some of her best tips for mastering Pinterest for your blog as well as how to monetize using affiliate links and create shoppable pins.

SSL Certificates & Why you Need one for your blog

We’re talking about the difference between http and https, SSL Certificates, what they are and why you should have one for your blog.

Productive Tips for the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and can be frustrating. As a blogger, you have to work with it and create quality content to continue to grow your following.

C.J. Shares her top 3 tips for working with the Instagram algorithm.

How to Repurpose Your Past Content for Your Blog

We talk about why you should be repurposing and re-using your past blog content plus our best tips for how to do it.

We share the seo benefits and how it can benefit your platform and audience.

The Biggest Facebook Newsfeed Change Ever + Tips to Beat it as a Blogger

Cara gives you the scoop on the biggest facebook newsfeed change to date including what’s changing and why. Plus 5 ways to work with the algorithm and 1 way to beat it as a blogger.

What You Need to Know About Links + Brand Collaborations

We talk about the must-knows when it comes to links and brand collaborations for your blog.

We cover what to do when brands ask to pay you for a link to their site, the difference between no-follow and do-follow links, SEO basics, and more.

How Prioritizing can Uplevel Your Blog in 2 Seconds

We go live to talk about the importance of prioritizing your to-do list and some blogger specific tips for how to set priorities for your blog and task list.

We chat about how prioritizing is a game changer and how creating a dimensional to-do list can uplevel your blog and biz.

Should you Accept Discount Codes for Blog Collabs?

We’re  going live to tell you everything you need to know about accepting discount codes when it comes to brand collabs.

We share why we don’t accept them for our personal blogs, how we think brands should actually be using coupon codes, and the only two situations where accepting a discount code as part of a brand collab might make sense.

Staying Consistent in your Blog while you live your Boss Babe Life

We go live to talk about some tips for staying consistent in your content as well as some advice for creating content while you’re out of the office…aka on vacation.

Want more? Tune into the blogged podcast: Blogged Podcast

9 Fab Resources for Bloggers

We’re changing it up and going live with champagne to tell you all about 9 amazing resources you should use as a blogger.

3 for building your blog, 3 for growing your following, and 3 for monetizing your influence.

Ways to Sleigh the Holiday Hustle

We go live (with wine + some holiday decor) to share all about some ways to be strategic during the holiday season from creating a content plan to pitching brands.

We share our two all-inclusive holiday resources: the holiday content creation guide and 5-day holiday pitching challenge to help you create content that converts and land the bran collabs on your holiday wish list. We also talk about 3 main strategies to use when creating holiday content and lining up collaborations.

Setting SMART Goals & Crushing them

We go live (with wine, as always) to talk about some essentials for setting goals and our best tips for getting started.

We also share a 5 step process you can use to set (and crush) goals for your blog, plus a little about SMART goals and why you should use them to create realistic goals that you’ll actually work towards

Planning Your Content like a Boss

It’s wine Thursday (yep…it’s a thing) and we’re live to chat about planning content like a boss.

Whether you’re new to editorial calendars or you’ve been blogging for years and have decided it’s finally time to get a handle on planning out your content, we’re talking all about what a content plan is, why you need one, plus our best 6 tips for creating a content plan and some essential content strategies.

MINI Q&A: Instagram photos, Photography tips, Creating a cohesive feed

We go live (with wine of course) for a mini Q&A all about Instagram photos + photography tips.

We talk about our top 3 phone apps for Instagram photos + planning your feed plus dish our best tips for creating a feed that is cohesive and consistent to your brand. We talk about working with professional photographers for your blog content: when to start and why to wait.

Knowing your worth as a blogger + pricing yourself

We go live (with more wine) on the importance of knowing your worth as a blogger. We answer questions like…

  • When do I start charging?
  • How do I rate myself?
  • What do I do when brands say they have no budget?
  • When do I accept a gifted product?

Click play for these questions and more 🙂

Let’s Talk Instagram Engagement

We go live (with wine) to chat about Instagram engagement tips & tricks for bloggers & influencers, including how to write captions that engage, how to focus on serving your biggest fans, and how to stay positive. 09.28.2017