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A guest post by Lauren of Lo Meyer Blog

Blog Info:

How did you get started as a blogger?

I was really looking for some sort of creative outlet while working my corporate job. I graduated with an English Lit degree and have always loved writing and fashion. So, I combined those two passions and started a blog!


What is your favorite part about being a blogger in the fashion space?

I love being able to create new looks and share those with my followers! It’s so fun to style new trends and to do something different with closet staples. I also never expected to meet so many amazing other bloggers in my journey! Collaborating with my fellow bloggers and brands is definitely one of my favorite things about this journey!


What inspired you to create a blog?

There wasn’t one thing that inspired me but, while I was wedding planning in 2015, I started following a ton of bloggers and beauty bloggers. I was really inspired by their everyday style + beauty posts and, at the same time, was feeling rather stuck in my corporate gig. It was kind of the culmination of needing a creative outlet and being inspired by some of my favorite style/beauty bloggers at the same time. I remember saying to a girlfriend at my rehearsal dinner (about 4 months before I started my Instagram!) that I just wanted to be able to do something creatively but was worried about moving out of comfort zones, and she said to me, “Lauren, life’s too short! Just do it” and that really made me realize I could do it if I set my mind to it!

You talk about being a corporate gal for 4 years after graduating college and both Cara and I can attest to that as well. How did corporate world help (if at all) for being an entrepreneur?

A lot of my work ethic, business etiquette and professionalism developed in those 4 years! At times, I was working extremely long hours at my corporate job. It definitely prepared me for the 24/7 schedule of blog life, BUT I can say that I love blogging much more! And, it helped me realize that it’s okay to admit when you’re ignorant on something – as long as you’re always willing to learn!


Monday Blogger Moment with Lauren of Lo Meyer Blog


Style Trends:

What is your favorite fashion trend for this Summer?

Probably the ongoing statement earring trend! I’m not typically one for big statement necklaces, but I find that earrings are the perfect amount of “statement” without being over the top!

 How have you seen your style evolve as your blog has grown? 

There was definitely a period last year where I was trying to dress like I “thought” I should. I found myself doing almost the exact same thing I did when I first started working in the corporate world – I thought success was being like everyone else. But, it’s exactly the opposite! You’re only going to be successful by staying true to you! I can say now that I dress like I always have, shop at all the same retailers I did before I blogged, but probably wear distressed denim a bit more often than I would’ve in the corporate world!


 What are your favorite pieces to shop for and why? 

Shoes and a good sweater (in cooler weather). Shoes have always been my number 1, even when I was really little! I was always the girl with jelly shoes on the playground and who wore snakeskin heels in high school – LOL. And, when you’re born and raised in the upper mid-west, you know the value of a good cardi to get you through winter!



You have a great following and amazing engagement on your Instagram photos. What's your #1 tip for other bloggers trying to reach that?  

Be consistent and engage with other accounts throughout the day. Consistency is probably the number one thing that will get you exposure. Once I started posting 1-2X a day on Instagram and being active on the app throughout the day, I noticed a huge spike in engagement and my followers! And, when I do take the random day off of posting, I definitely notice a dip in engagement and incoming followers!


Did you ever dream of being a full-time blogger? And when did you know it was the right time to make the switch?

Ever since I discovered Jaclyn Hill on Youtube, I wanted to be a full-time blogger! I admire her story and struggle so much! I didn’t think it would actually happen though! When my husband and I moved up to Minneapolis for his job, it seemed like the right time to break from my corporate job and focus on the blog.


What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting a blog of their own? 

I’d say go for it! When you’re a blogger or influencer, it’s easy to say our market is “over-saturated”. But, most people I talk to don’t even know it’s out there! Blogging is really just starting to take off in most places in the country. But, be sure you love the topic you’re blogging about and be prepared to work! “Days off” won’t really exist anymore (at least not in the same way), so you gotta make sure you love what you blog about so it’s worth it!

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MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Lauren of Lo Meyer Blog
MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Lauren of Lo Meyer Blog
MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Lauren of Lo Meyer Blog
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