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A guest post by Cara of Never Skip Brunch

Blog Info:

How did you get started as a blogger?

I actually got started in college with creating an art website that was part of a class project to build our portfolio. I ended up launching a blog on the site to talk about my projects and give a little behind the scenes look and I fell in love. I absolutely love writing and I'm also a photographer so blogging was a perfect fit in terms of combining those talents. I'm a creator at heart - I seriously LOVE just making shit. So content creation is something I truly enjoy. The fact that I get to inspire others through something that I enjoy so much is truly amazing to me.

Can you share a little bit about the rebranding process for your blog?

At the beginning of this year, I changed my blog name to Brighter Bold and redesigned my site. Just this week I've found out the URL still belongs to the person who owned it previously due to a registrar error so I'm going back to being Never Skip Brunch. This was super disappointing at first, but there are honestly a few great things about this. First, press I've garnered in places like StyleWatch and Denver Style Magazine was with the Never Skip Brunch name and that's what my blog was called for years as I grew my following and created amazing content. It's what my day one's know me as, so while I'm sad my new name didn't work out I'm staying positive and am actually kind of excited to get back to my roots. This has not even been announced on the blog yet since I'm still working on getting everything moved over, so you heard it here first.

What is your goal with Never Skip Brunch?

Never Skip Brunch is a space for women looking to become confident in who they are, fearless with their style, and define their unique confidence. My goal is to help women find confidence and self-love through being bold – not only through how they live out their big picture but also through their daily activities like personal style, beauty routine, and lifestyle inspiration. It's more of a personal space for me to share about my life and some of my absolute favorites.

What was the motivation for starting A Darling Design and why did you choose to launch on a separate platform instead of just adding a category to Never Skip Brunch?

I know, I'm crazy - because yes I have TWO blogs. Yes, I do just love blogging that much, but also this decision was very intentional for me in terms of life goals. Earlier this year I decided to work towards a certificate in Interior Design with the intention being that I'll move into that as a career path once my little one Ella starts school. My father was a contractor and realtor and I've always loved Interior Design so this is kind of what's next for me in terms of career goals.

I had written a couple home decor posts on Never Skip Brunch and they gained crazy traction. I played around with the idea of transitioning my blog to a interior design and home decor focus, but I honestly love the lifestyle brand and following I've been able to build so I didn't really want to have to let that go since its truly a passion for me. I did want a place to showcase my design work and share all of my DIY projects so it just seemed right that I create a space solely dedicated to that which feels a little more like a design-portfolio compared to the Never Skip Brunch lifestyle blog.


Monday Blogger Moment with Cara of Never Skip Brunch


Style/Design Trends:

If you had to describe your personal style, what would it be?

Such a hard one. Most days my go-to is my favorite pair of jeans, open toe booties, and a loose & flowy patterned tank. I'm totally on both ends of the spectrum though because many days you can find me in yoga pants and a droopy oversized tank with a messy bun and other days I'm all done up in a dress and heels refusing to leave the house without lipstick. For me, finding my personal style has been all about balance and not limiting myself in ways that might mean I'm not dressing comfortably just because I feel the need to "define my style." When it comes to dressing up though, heels and red lipstick are my must-haves.

 What are your tips for shopping smart when it comes to building a wardrobe?

Invest in classic pieces that will last you a long time and can work as a canvas for style phases you might go through or fun trends you want to mix in. Finding quality pieces that fit you perfectly are so worth it since they'll be in your wardrobe for a long time. You can then find trends to mix in, but make sure you're picking things you truly love that convey your personal style and not just snagging pieces that are hot because everyone else is wearing them.

 What is your best advice for re-designing a space?

First things first, the space needs to be functional. It's easy to jump into picking palettes and paint colors, but it's so important to first sit down and think through all the practical things your space needs to have and the ways it needs to serve you in terms of how you use it. Once you have a really clear vision of the function you can then dive into the mood and style and start choosing those aesthetic elements.

My other big tip is to go neutral on things that are harder to change - like things that are pricey like a big sofa or harder to change like countertops or cabinets. You can always swap out your style and color palette via the smaller accents like a different color paint on the walls or some fun throw pillows on the couch. Lastly, create a space that feels like you - not a hodgepodge of inspo images you found on Pinterest. Your space should convey your personality and say something about you - the person who lives there. Build a space that is comfy and beautiful to you, not something that might be pleasing to others.




What 3 tips do you have for bloggers just starting out?

 Be comfortable being imperfect. It can be so hard just starting out because there can be a big learning curve in terms of all the different roles you have to step into as a blogger. From editor to graphic designer to photographer - you're not going to be amazing when you're just starting out so don't get down on yourself if your work isn't a great as you want it to be. Understand that you have to dive in and just do the work to really get good at it.

Don't fall into the comparison trap. Man this one is hard - especially if you're like me and a little bit of a creative perfectionist. It can be so easy when you're just starting out to compare your beginning to someone else's super experienced middle. I totally fell into this as a new blogger - I was super impatient and just wanted to already be at a place in terms of growth and success that I saw other bloggers were at. In reality, it took them years to get there so it was unfair for me to use that as my metric for success but I definitely did and it was pretty discouraging. I really hit my stride as a blogger when I started just focusing on my own stuff and dug into building a brand that was truly and authentically me.

Be your realest self. This plays into all that amazing advice you've probably heard about finding your "why" and really having a reason and motivation for blogging. You have to build a brand around your authentic self because that's going to make you truly happy creating content consistently and being a blogger - plus, it's going to help you build an audience that is totally there because they love who you are and what you're about. If you aren't true to yourself with your blog and your brand it will lead to burnout and it will also hold you back from being successful in terms of your goals.



What advice do you have for growth?

There is no secret sauce. Some people may appear to have been an "overnight success" but the only approach is to dive in and do the work. You have to be serious and consistent in terms of creating content and intentionally engaging with your audience to really experience growth. I would also say to be patient, but don't slack off. Growth isn't always a straight line up and sometimes you'll have to work through some trial and error before you see results. Even now, if I'm not consistent about posting I'll lose some ground when it comes to followers so it's really essential to be on point and consistent.


What's your biggest blogging struggle?

Probably putting pressure on myself. I'm naturally a super driven person which usually means I don't give myself space to take a break. I've had to learn to put myself first a little more and allow myself space to step back when I need it instead of pushing myself to be "on" all the time. Consistency is super important, but I would say self care and giving yourself space to breathe trumps that, which has been a learning process for me.

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cara newhart | never skip brunch denver fashion and lifestyle blog | pin 1
cara newhart | never skip brunch denver fashion and lifestyle blog | pin 1
cara newhart | never skip brunch denver fashion and lifestyle blog | pin 1
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