IG LIVE: Let’s Talk Instagram Engagement

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We go live We go live (with wine) to chat about Instagram engagement tips & tricks, including how to write captions that engage, how to focus on serving your biggest fans, and how to stay positive. 



0-1:00 - Intro & about today's topic

1:00 - Recent negativity and frustration surrounding Instagram engagement

2:35 - "In order to engage, you have to be engaging" - Jasmine Star + Writing content that engages 

2:55 - 2 tips for writing a good caption that engages:

  • 4:00 - Tip #1 ask a question, but one that asks for people opinions or advice not yes/no or factual
  • 4:20 - Tip #2 admit a flaw or issue you're having and solicit people's opinions / suggestions

5:15 - There's not one right way

5:30 - Engaging with the followers you already have + Why it's important

  • 5:35 - Cara's cheesy analogy about being there for the audience you already have
  • 6:35 - Missing out on people engaging with you + who are your biggest fans

6:55 - Creating engaging relationships with people + supporting each other

7:30 - How is your content serving people? What value are you providing?

 8:25 - "Some of the best engagement I get is when I'm being funny or making fun of myself" -  Christine from @christineyeargin

8:45 - It's ok to curate your feed, but be real 

  • 9:10 - Easy + tempting to make your life look perfect, but it is a barrier to engagement
  • 10:05 - Imitating established or "Big" bloggers vs being inspired by them
  • 11:00 - Embracing who you are + sharing your real life

11:50 - Having a positive conversation about engagement + Making progress instead of getting sucked into negativity

12:25 - Why it's ok not to attract everyone + how to build a tribe made up of true fans

13:00 - Why it's good when people unfollow you +

13:30 - Dealing with negative people

15:00 - Low engagement affects everyone + we're in it together

15:45 - Being flexible and open to adapting will help you grow

16:20 - Instagram algorithm changes = constant

17:00 - our legs fall asleep

17:20 - Having a positive conversation together helps all of us

18:30 - You can't expect your engagement to change + grow if you're not adapting and improving your approach

20:00 - Don't lose sight of who you are + what you're trying to accomplish with your brand 

20:45 - Surrounding yourself with a positive community who's willing to share tips & support each other

21:40  - New website page with all our IG live replays HERE

22:20 - Podcast coming soon! Let us know what you want to hear about

23:45 -  A little about why we started My Haute Society 

24:35 - Events for Denver Bloggers

24:50 - A little about My Haute Society Membership - JOIN

26:40 - We promise to be real with you + share secrets because we believe "A rising tide lifts all boats" and our goal is to create that tide

27:45 - Competitive nature of blogging + misconceptions about keeping secrets to yourself

28:30 - Wrap up  

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