IG LIVE: Know your worth as a blogger

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We go live (with more wine) on the importance of knowing your worth as a blogger. We answer questions like... When do I start charging? How do I rate myself? What do I do when brands say they have no budget? When do I accept a gifted product. Click play for the answers to these questions + more.

2:20 - New rate calculator tools + blogging as a business

5:10 - Why it's hard to price yourself as a blogger

5:55 - "Do you think it should be based on follower number or engagement or both" - Allison from @peachandpepper

10:50 - Where to find the calculators: here's the IG CALCULATOR and the BLOG  CALCULATOR)

13:00 - A super common question for new bloggers " When do I start charging?"

15:35 - Gifted product collaborations - "When should I say yes / accept gifted products?"

17:15 - 3 Reasons to accept a gifted product (Read more in THIS POST)

18:25 - Importance of saying yes only to brand collaborations that are a good fit for you + your blog + Getting comfortable saying no

22:07 - What to do when brands say "We don't have a budget" + what it really means

31:47 - Strategies for replying back to brands reaching out about a collaboration

36:10 -  "How to reach out to brands / keep growing your audience?" - Ana from @actualflair

40:25 - "I just did that with a company I've worked with before. I told them my set rates now and they basically said 'No thanks.' Probably should have left it open-ended " - Allison from @peachandpepper + Getting 'ghosted" by brands

41:12 - Asking brands what their budget is:  Packaging your services to fit within their budget & letting them know what they can get for what they're willing to spend

42:32 - Explain what's included in your rate + show the brand what they're getting. This transparency makes them more comfortable with paying what you're asking.

44:05  - "When you use the quote from Social Blue Book or the My Haute Society calculator, are you including instagram stories into that quote?" - Danielle from @according.to.d

45:00 - Including Instagram stories as a bonus for a brand and not charing for them + Benefits of doing that

55:00 - Wrap up, thank you, and why we're doing what we're doing

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