For Brands

Brands are increasingly turning to Fashion Bloggers and Social Media Influencers as a major part of their marketing strategy.

Our goal is to connect brands and influencers in an authentic and personal way. We promote personal interaction instead of mass outreach and can provide access to high-quality influencer markeing services that are affordable and authentic for your brand. 


BRAND DIRECTORY - My Haute Society

Host an exclusive influencer event to introduce your brand to local bloggers and gain exposure. SEE AN EXAMPLE


DIVIDER - My Haute Society

Interested in influencer marketing but don't know where to start? As a local brand, boutique, or small business, maybe you or your small team struggle to find time to create a marketing plan, so taking the time to research and vet local bloggers to add to your advertising strategy isn't something you have time for.

We make working with bloggers simple. We will help you host a blogger party and bring bloggers right to you. It's an easy way to explore what local bloggers have to offer and learn how to better work with influencers

BRAND DIRECTORY - My Haute Society