MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT: Blogger Interview with Tamara from Champagne and Macaroons

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Blog Info:

How did you get started as a blogger?

The blog initially began as a passion project. I was missing the creativity I previously knew and loved while wedding planning, so I wanted a place to share things that inspired me.


What inspired you to create a fashion, lifestyle & travel blog?

I had a lot of friends in the beginning encouraging me to go for it. Blogging was not as big as it has become when I first launched it. Taking that leap and going for it is the hardest part. And there are the people who come along and support you and as you grow the blog grows with you. In the beginning it was mostly fashion inspiration and then moved more into sharing our lives and categories like travel, home décor, and even some recipes every now and then.


How do you incorporate feedback from you fans/followers?

I love asking readers and followers for advice. I want to know what excites them when it comes to covering topics on the blog. I try to take that advice and use it to inspire new categories. Hearing their feedback or suggestions is one of my favorite parts of this whole journey. I am always blown away by the responses and creativity!


Do you plan to continue to share more throughout your pregnancy as well as motherhood?

Absolutely. The blog reflects our lives and we are pregnant! Pretty soon there will be no hiding that! I am excited for this new chapter and I have already felt so much support and love on the topic. I can’t wait to see where it takes us next!


tamara champagne and macaroons monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influecner feature | my Haute society | blogger Community


Style Trends:

 How do you approach styling a new look? Especially now with the announcement of your pregnancy 🙂

So far, I have not really done much fashion with the pregnancy mostly because it takes a while for the bump to make its cameo. I keep saying any day now baby! Let’s bump already! I am however trying to navigate what all that looks like. I shared more about it during our last trip. Incorporating a few style ideas like high waisted swimwear when early pregnant, oversized cover-ups and I love hearing the responses. Pregnancy is something so many women can easily relate to if they have experienced it personally, so this will be a fun chapter!


 What are you top 3 personal styling rules?

If you don’t love it leave it.

Keep it simple when in doubt.

Dresses are always a great idea.



How do you incorporate lifestyle, travel, and fashion into your blog without focusing too hard on one?

We travel quite often so incorporating our trips and the fashion with those trips has been quite natural. I think finding your groove is one of the hardest parts of blogging. Keeping true to a few main categories and then expanding upon those has been helpful. Lifestyle is such a broad category that it covers so many areas. I have recently thrown in more of our home and style on the blog and Instagram and that seems to have a lot of interest. Fun to explore new categories that might resonate with your readers. Easy to try something and if it fails then move on!


Do you ever find it difficult to live in the moment while traveling because of blogging? If not, how do you do it? 

There is a fine balance. I love sharing our journeys with the world. Some days all of it comes super natural and there is just a natural progression of slowing down. If I feel stressed or overwhelmed, then I just turn it off. The world will still turn if I am not sharing on my social media. I try to have a healthy relationship with all of it. That can be challenging at times but if it stops being fun then its time to re-evaluate! Your happiness is most important.


What are some do's and don'ts of blogging?

Don’t buy followers or likes. That is the biggest mistake I think most people starting out are doing right now. Trust me it is tempting because the new algorithms and the constant need to stay active can make it all feel like a big black hole. In the beginning Instagram was so different and getting your content shown and read was much easier. But keep it all in perspective.

Instagram is an app! Find time to decompress, walk, put your phone on silent and walk away from it for a few hours. Leave it at home (if you possibly can) and know it is ok to take breaks from the blog too. Over the holidays I was newly pregnant, and we had three back to back trips and I was overwhelmed. I told everyone I was just going to slow down and enjoy this time. Spending time with family and friends was more important to me than pounding the keys of my keyboard!


What advice would you give bloggers who are just starting out and trying to find their voice?

Try your hardest not to compare yourself. It sounds so cliché and I know it is one of the easiest things to do. Everyone has a unique journey and yours is special so don’t worry about what so and so is doing. You focus on you and honestly, I pray. Pray over everything and your sure to find the answers and direction your blog and your journey are meant to go.

I am more than anything blown away by the support and the community that is alive and listening today. There is so much information available to us and that can feel at times daunting. But remember no one is you. Whatever you want to share is most likely unlike anyone else’s point of view or vision. So just go for it! I always tell new bloggers to go for it! I am so glad I did. Trust yourself and the journey and give yourself time to grow, mess up, and love yourself hard!

What do you think? Have questions or ideas? Leave a comment below or use #myhautesociety


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tamara champagne and macaroons monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influecner feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
tamara champagne and macaroons monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influecner feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
tamara champagne and macaroons monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influecner feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
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Tamara Waterston

Tamara Waterston is the life & style blogger behind Champagne and Macaroons. She created the blog in 2015 as a spot to let her creativity go free. She also focus deeply on connecting with her followers and wants her blog to be a plan where they feel right at home. She lives in Minneapolis, MN as aside from blogging is also a stylist and social media manger. The biggest thing that caught our eye with Tamara is the way she engages with her followers. She really makes a relationship with each person which we believe totally sets her apart from others. We loved learning more about her in this interview and you will too :) Side note: she just recently announced her pregnancy and we so can't wait t0 follow along on this new adventure.