MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT: Blogger Interview with Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick

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A guest post by Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick

Blog Info:

How did you get started as a blogger?

Robbie and I started Sassy Red Lipstick in 2013 when we were dating in college. I had read fashion blogs since high school and always had a dream of starting my own. I interned at a fashion-focused ad agency in Manhattan the summer before my senior year of college and gained so much style inspiration doing that. When I returned from NYC, I was so motivating and Robbie gave me the push (and tech know-how) to finally make it happen. We launched SRL and we’ve been at it ever since!


What is your favorite part about being a blogger? 

The incredible connections I get to enjoy daily on social media. I have so many Instagram friends that I’ve never met in real life but are so sweet and supportive. I get to interact with so many interesting people and get recommendations when we travel. I get to hear their sweet and heartfelt stories about body confidence and how they’ve been inspired by Sassy Red Lipstick. It means so much to me.


What inspires your personal style?

I gain inspiration from everywhere! To this day, I follow a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers (Blair Eadie and Julia Engle were my first loves) and I follow a lot of fashion accounts as well. Traveling always seems to give me new ideas and open my mind to different styles. I like my style to be a celebration of my body type so I’m always looking for things that are flattering to curves.

You have huge spot for body positivity on your blog and we absolutely love it. Why did you decide to bring that into your blog and how have you connected further with your followers?

I blogged for about two full years before realizing that I wasn’t saying or doing anything different than every other blogger. It was then that Robbie and I sat down and chatted about what I had to contribute to the world on social media. It was a clear answer that I needed to open up about the obvious: I’m a curvy fashion blogger! As a size 12, there was not many girls who look like me blogging, and still aren’t! When I started opening up about my self-love journey, I started to grow and gain a community of women looking for someone they could relate to. My favorite comments I see are “She looks just like me!” or when I get messages that say “I wore a bikini for the first time this weekend because of your posts and it felt so good to be confident!” I’m so honored to be that person and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

*Check out Sassy Red Lipsticks feature in Shape Magazine and Women's Health!


MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick


Style/Beauty/Travel Trends:

You seem to be a girl constantly on the go. What tips do you have for packing when it comes to being a fashion blogger?

Yes, always traveling! My number one tip is to pack specific outfits! Nothing takes up space more than throwing a bunch of options in your luggage, many of which you won’t even wear. As you’re packing, plan your outfits for each day of the trip so that no space is wasted. I also pack a separate carry on full of my shoes and handbags so that I don’t have to worry about expensive items getting lost, and it also frees up more space.

 What's your must have beauty product for these hot summer months?

A good lightweight foundation! There’s nothing worse than sweating off a bunch of makeup and feeling gross. I’ve been using the Hello Happy Soft Blur foundation by Benefit Cosmetics and I’ve been loving it. It’s very lightweight and makes you feel natural and clean during a hot summer day!


I have to ask because of the name... Is red your favorite color to wear? It's such a power color and one that so many woman feel intimated to pull off. I would love to know more about why you love it and how you always make it work.

Yes, I love red! It’s such a bold and, well, sassy color! I feel like I always get the most compliments when I wear red. Something about it is very striking. Put on a bold red lip and you’ll feel like you can take on the world! However, I’ve also had so many people tell me, You should have named your blog Sassy Pink Lipstick with all the pink you wear! Haha. It’s true, I definitely wear more pink than I do red. I definitely incorporate those two hues into my style than any other and that’s always been my preference.



You have seen amazing success since starting your blog years ago and I know a lot of hard work goes behind that. What tips do you have for bloggers wanting that same success?

It’s a long, slow journey to success, full of ups and downs. Robbie and I are blessed to enjoy the success we have today but sometimes people forget how long it took to get here. We’ve been at this for five long years and it definitely wasn’t glamorous for a lot of that. The only tip worth giving is to stay consistent and create content that will speak to people. There is no shortcut when it comes to building a large following on social media. The people who don’t give up and don’t take breaks from their platform are the ones who will be successful.

*Check out Sassy Red Lipstick's feature in Forbes Magazine!


What 3 pieces of advice do you have for bloggers who are just starting out and trying to lock down their own personal brand? 

This is definitely one of the most common questions I receive so we wrote a whole blog post on it. And it gives you five tips instead of three! Check it out here:


You are so real and connect with your followers on such a great level. Has it always been that easy for you? Or is it hard and you just look good doing it? 😉

You’re so sweet! It really is a joy to connect with so many amazing and supportive people, like you for example! I will be honest and say that it does get overwhelming sometimes when I have a hundred DMs to reply to and a full inbox of emails, but that just comes with the game and I’m very lucky to be in this position. I love the relationship I have with my followers. I always wanted to have a fun and body positive Instagram community and I love that I get to engage with you all each day. Thank you so much for following!

*Want to learn more about Sarah and Robbie's sweet relationship? Check out the post Robbie wrote that went viral here + the book he wrote here!

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MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick
MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick
MONDAY BLOGGER MOMENT with Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick
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