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A guest post by Olia of Love, Olia


Blog Info:

How did you get started as a blogger?

When I began working as an Esthetician I fell so in love with the beauty world and just helping people out with their skin questions/concerns that I wanted to do more. I would always get clients and friends ask me questions about skin care, beauty and makeup in general so I thought why not create a site where I could talk all about this and share it with a community of women. From there it slowly expanded into fashion as well!


Since you're an Esthetician, is beauty your favorite topic out of the 4 mains one?

I absolutely LOVE beauty and I will say it definitely is probably one of my favorite topics to discuss, especially skin care. With that being said, I also tend to have SO much information on the topic of beauty and skin care because of the fact that I've worked in the field for so long so whenever I begin writing a skin related post I tend to go on forever so sometimes I try to be a bit more picky with what I choose to talk about. I also feel very passionate about being down to earth and just giving "real talk" to young women who happen to come across my blog. 


What is your favorite part about being a blogger?

Being able to make some kind of impact big or small is one of the most rewarding things I've come to realize. I love being able to do what I'm most passionate about every single day and connect with others all around the world. It's definitely the true american dream.


How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

Oh gosh. I wish there was an easy answer and I wish it was as easy as instagram makes it look. Usually when I know I have a shoot coming up I first write down all of the items I know I "have" to shoot in regards to brand commitments that I have made. So if I have a deadline coming up I usually will shoot a few of my latest campaigns and make those a priority then if I have any extra time I'll create an extra outfit or two of my choice. It will also depend if I'm doing an "at home" shoot or "on location" shoot. I'll typically go through my outfits a few days before and put together the looks based on what I already have. If I know I need to order anything I would do this a week before I know I am shooting. The day before the shoot (yes, I'm that last minute) I usually hang every piece individually and bundle them by outfit and pick out jewelry, sunglasses and everything to go with each outfit that way everything is ready to go. Not gonna lie, the day of a shoot is mayhem - I load up my car, and by the end of the shoot my car looks like an atomic bomb exploded. I promise ladies, it only looks glamorous on instagram. That's IT.


love, olia | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influecner feature | my Haute society | blogger Community


Style Trends:

What is your favorite workout gear?

I love anything Lululemon to workout in. I know it sounds cliche but I actually workout best in it!


 You always look so fit, whats your secret?

You are so sweet! I wish! I am so hard on myself, as I'm sure we all are. Regardless, I have worked out with a personal trainer for about 2+ years now. Crazy to even think but I can't imagine a time I didn't do it. I work out with my personal trainer with intense strength training workouts 3x a week and do some form of light cardio 2 days a week. I give myself 2 solid days of complete and utter lazy days 🙂 With that being said, I will say I do eat relatively healthy but I also do enjoy to live my life and have that glass of wine. Everything is a balance. I may not ever have that rock hard 6 pack because that requires cutting out any kind of fun food from your life and well, that's just not fun, right??? 😉


 What are your top 3 beauty tips?

Focus on your skin care over anything else. I swear, people don't realize but a good skin care routine is the foundation of everything.

Wear sunscreen

Wear sunglasses for those pesky crows feet



You have some of the best advice on your blog! Whats been the biggest life lesson to overcome?

I'm big on giving life advice. I don't know what it is and I know I'm not even wise enough to give probably the best advice yet but in my 30 years thus far, I feel I've learned quite a bit and I love to share my struggles and successes with everyone. These days with social media, everyone is always comparing themselves to everyone and it's important for me to be real in a world that's not really showing the "real" side of things if that makes sense. I want people to understand that Instagram is not reality and we all have good and bad days. We all have pretty and ugly days. I've definitely had to overcome learning that comparisons mean nothing. The amount of followers you have doesn't mean you are more or less of a person that the gal sitting next to you. It definitely was something I struggled with at the beginning but I know never compare myself to others and realize we are all on our own journey in life and it's important to realize that.


What advice would you give blogger who are just starting out and trying to find their voice?

I always tell bloggers its important to do it it because its something you absolutely love it and you want to do it. You have to live and breathe this industry or else it will break you. It's extremely competitive and unless you want to spend your late nights doing it just for the heck of it, it may not be for you. People all too often ask me "how to make money blogging" and that in my opinion is the complete wrong question to ask. Never do something because you want to make money out of it. Do it because you are passionate and have fun with it. If it's not blogging, what else inspires you so much that you want to stay up late doing? If it's something else, strive for that. In my opinion, we all to often settle for things that don't fulfill ourselves and in the end you only live once so why not make it worth it? 


What's the number 1 tip you have for blogging and staying positive through it all?

Don't look at other people. Stay true to yourself and do YOU. If you are feeling down at all, just remember I have those exact same days all the damn time. Happens to the best of us and if it didn't, you wouldn't be human. 😉 


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love, olia | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
love, olia | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
love, olia | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
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My name is Olia and I am a San Diego Style Blogger and Beauty Blogger. I’m half Persian, half French and speak it fluently and have found that the European influence has carried on into my fashion obsessed world. I actually went to college for Accounting (can you believe it?) and worked in the field for about 2 years until I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I couldn’t imagine not trying new things while I was still young and taking chances. I’ve always been inspired by beauty and fashion and growing up with an Esthetician mother, I figured what better way than to learn from her & enter into the world of beauty? So, I made a big career change, went back to school & got my license to be an Esthetician. Mom is always right. Two years later and after always getting asked for beauty, skin care and fashion tips, I decided to start a style blog and have grown to find this world is my true passion! As an Esthetician I have worked with countless women, have learned their wants and needs and am now here to share those tips and all my favorite things with the rest of the world (and by that I mean whoever chooses to read my blog). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it & find some inspiration in my daily posts!