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A guest post by Katie & Lydia of Oh Darling Blog

Blog Info:

How did you come up with the idea of creating a blog together?

I (Katie) had been thinking about starting a fashion blog for a while and had mentioned it to Lydia. We both have always loved fashion & shopping, of course!! Lydia agreed and had said she has always wanted to start a blog as well. And that’s how Oh Darling Blog got started. 


What is your favorite type of post to write?

Either more personal or talking about trends we’re loving for each season. We love being able to get to know others and truly connect with whoever might be reading our blog. We have always gotten great feedback when sharing more about ourselves and we love that! Being on social media, your life can look super saturated and perfect. Our life is in no way close to that, so we try our best to just be ourselves, share our ups and downs, and just have fun.


What is the best part about working together as a mother-daughter duo?

Honestly everything, we love working together! It’s especially great because we’re able to be a team! We enjoy each others company, make each other laugh, and keep each other accountable. It also helps with being able to engage with others, since we are able to divide up our tasks.


What inspires both of your personal styles and how do you keep things so cohesive, but different?

We have very similar taste when it comes to our personal styles, but we choose clothes that are appropriate for our body types and of course our age. We honestly just pick up whatever we like, if it looks good we’re sold! 

Recently, we have been having so much fun stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new items of clothing. Many of those items have quickly become staples in our closet! We really like keeping up with all the trends and that has definitely helped us with trying out new looks. 


Oh Darling Blog | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community


Style Trends:

What is your process for building an outfit?

Whenever we get a new item of clothing we then style it around that piece. If it’s a skirt and we know that we don’t have anything to go with it, we’ll start looking for something. 

We like to keep things pretty simple, so we tend to repeat a lot of the same shoes, accessories, and of course our denim jackets! We’re super simple girls at heart. 


 What is your favorite pair of shoes right now? 

Katie: Currently they are my white Steve Madden booties and I’m on the hunt for my new spring/summer white shoe.

Lydia: Any pair of golden goose sneakers, keep them coming!


 Since you both have similar but different style, do you find there to be a lot of closet sharing?

Honestly, not really! We may go into each other's closet if we’re looking for a jacket, but for the most part, we wear our own clothes! I (Lydia) am definitely eyeing some graphic tees that my mom has recently gotten though 😉 As far as shoes go, WE WISH! We don’t have close to the same size feet so that’s always sad.



Do you find it hard working with your best friend each day? What are some pros and cons - if any cons? 

Not at all! Obviously, we don’t get along 100% of the time, but that’s totally normal! We are always together, so good thing we love working with each other 😉 


Having a support system right there by your side

Being passionate about the same thing

Being able to vent!

It’s also great when one of us just feels stuck. We are able to jump in and help, whether that’s writing a blog post or doing something for social media.


You babes have been blogging for just over a year now, what's the best thing you've learned?

You really have to love what you’re doing and continue to be positive. To always be challenging yourself and to have room for improvement. As we all know, it’s so hard to grow right now and that’s something that brings us down quite often. When you’re working really hard and seeing very minimal results, it can be very discouraging.

At the end of the day, we always just have to remind ourselves that blogging is something we’re truly passionate about. Following your dreams isn’t always easy and it should be that way. It makes the little things so much bigger and you appreciate so much more. We’re doing something we love and that’s what makes this journey of ours all worth it. 

Also, making friends! We have connected with so many amazing babes on Instagram and without them, we probably wouldn’t still be doing this. 


What advice do you have for someone thinking about start a blog of their own?

To just go for it and follow your dreams! We are firm believers in following your dreams and doing what makes you happy. There are going to be a ton of good days and bad days, but if you’re truly doing something you love then it’s seriously all worth it! You should never feel embarrassed for doing something that brings joy to your life. 

Also, set goals! We’re really starting to try and reach out to brands. Having that goal set is always great and pushes you a little bit more. Tell yourself YOU ARE going to be successful and tell yourself that YOU CAN do it.


What do you think? Have questions or ideas? Leave a comment below or use #myhautesociety


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oh darling blog | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
oh darling blog | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
oh darling blog | monday blogger moment | blogger interview | influencer feature | my Haute society | blogger Community
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We’re Katie & Lydia the mother and daughter duo behind, Oh Darling Blog. Based in St. Louis we’re lovers of all things fashion, warm & cozy, and our loungewear. We started our blog in February of 2017, officially been blogging for 1 year now! We are all about following your dreams and doing what makes you happy, so that is why we started this crazy journey of ours.