IG Live: How to use Batching in Your Content Creation Process

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We’re taking about one of our favorite strategies to working efficiently: using Batching for content creation. It helps you work smarter not harder – you can be lazy but efficient because the same tasks take less time which means more time for wine and Netflix ?





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Batching for content creation


What we’re covering:

  • What is batching

  • Why you should give it a try

    • Reduces Daily Clutter
    • Reduces Start-up time for tasks
  • How to batch

    •  The Simple Way: What we use
      • Make a quick list of all the major tasks you need to do for your blog. 
      • Group like tasks together and plan out time to do them in one big group
    •  The Structured Way:
      • Make a list of tasks that you usually need to do for your blog
      • Group like tasks together into blocks / batches – estimate how much time it will take you to do each block
        • i.e. answering emails might take 25 min or a bigger project like drafting blog posts might take a few hours
      • Schedule a time to do each block
      • When working on a block, set a timer for 25 min, work on the task then take a 5 min break
      • Begin another block, then take another 5 min break (called the Pomodoro technique if you want to google it and learn more)
  • Our favorite examples of batching

  • Practical Tips for Batching

  • Batching Categories

    • Reading
    • blogging
    • Computer work
    • emails
    • Phone calls
    • Errands
    • brainstorming
    • Cleaning 
    • Planning
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