Oh hello there!

Maybe you found us on IG, or met us on one of our amazing webinars, or ran into us sipping wine like we mean it on Instagram Live. Either way, you’re here now and we couldn’t be more excited.

My Haute Society is a community for bloggers and influencers. We have amazing resources to help you grow your blog and succeed as an influencer. Teaching you tips, tricks and industry best practices.

We also host events to help connect brands and influencers in meaningful ways that can lead to amazing collaborations.





What we do

We’re CaraC.J the founders of the My Haute Society Community. We started this community as a place for bloggers and influencers to connect in an authentic way, but also to be supported with the resources they need to excel as a content creator.


Our goal was to connect bloggers with each other

To develop relationships, collaborate together, and create a support stystem to lift each other up and push each other to succeed.


…to connect bloggers to brands who have influencer campaign opportunities that are a great fit

We host events to bring together local bloggers and brands so that they can build a relationship and brainstorm amazing collaboration ideas


…and to connect influencers with the education and resources they need to develop themselves professionally and grow their blog into a successful business

We offer resources like hands-on guides, step by step worksheets, courses, webinars, and weekly IG lives to help you learn industry best practices for offering content creation services as a blogger.

Want to join our community of amazing #BloggerBabes?

The My Haute Society Story

We had been blogging for a while, and were involved in multiple blogger communities between Facebook groups, online forums, and so many more. We realized that while these communities provide great friendships and support, there is a lack of resources for hands-on and practical advice.


Between affiliate platforms, self-declared experts, brand collaboration websites, PR companies, and everything in between, there isn’t one great source to find what you actually need as a blogger to truly build your blog, grow your brand, and monetize your influence. There would be days we’d turn to Facebook groups or online communities to ask a question or get a recommendation, and found ourselves posting to crickets. Only a few people would even respond, usually people who were asking the same question and were as clueless as we were.

We had a small group of bloggers we’s occasionally have happy hour or do meetups with. During our get-togethers, we found ourselves chatting about everything: wins, struggles, and pain points as well as sharing resources and tips with each other. The whole process of this has been very authentic and oh-so-helpful. We often left these hangouts feeling engaged, recharged, and like we finally had some of the tools we needed to take the next step in growing our blogs. We wanted to take these meetups and translate them into a community where everyone can feel supported, encouraged, and equipped.

Our goal in starting My Haute Society is to be mentors and a resource to bloggers either just starting out or influencers who have been at it a while and have decided to get serious about growth.

Meet the Founders

Co-founder + Digital Media Producer


+ Co-Founder

I’m Cara, southern raised and living in Denver. Some of my best skills include shopping and snacking. I excel at drinking mimosas and I’m always down for a coffee break. I am a huge fan of BYOB (being your own boss). I’m the founder + editor of Never Skip Brunch.

Never Skip Brunch is a life and style dossier. Inspired by a casual chic style with pops of color, it’s a space for women looking to become fearless with their style and create a beautifully lived-in life.

As an influencer, Cara has worked with brands like H&MKendra ScottAlba BotanicaExpressL’OccitaneCharming CharlieThrillist & Hairstory and has been featured in publications like StyleWatch. Southern-raised and living in Denver, Cara is tequila-loving, color & prints obsessed and passionate about helping others build a lived-in life they love.

Co-founder + Social Media & Community Manager


+ Co-Founder

My name is Courtney Oldenkamp and I’m a 26 year old girl married to the man of my dreams. I am an absolute lover of life and a hard believer that following your passion is the true key to happiness in life… Chocolate helps with that as well! Fashion is such a fun expression of who someone is and I find such joy in sharing that with you.


Everyday Chiffon is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog, created in 2015 to help inspire the everyday girl to live outside the box and the importance of doing so with a smile. I provide travel diaries, style tips & tricks, delicious recipes, giveaways and a whole lot of positivity to push women into mindful thinking to look & feel good

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