030 The Girlboss Mindset – Embracing your role as CEO, Pricing your work like you mean it, & showing up powerfully as yourself online with Erica Ashley of Millionerika

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On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we sit down with Erika Ashley for some real talk about what it really means to step onto your role as a female entrepreneur as a blogger or influencer. She debunks some preconceived notions about what a success coach is and gives us some practical insight into her role. We talk about how you can shift from the "blogger" mindset to the CEO mindset, why to embrace feminism and figure out what it means for your business, and the importance of diversity in business — especially as an online entrepreneur.

We dive deep into money mindset and get real about why its hard for us to price ourselves and negotiate as women when money is involved. She explains why you should always ask for at least $10 and how to price yourself confidently. We also talk about authenticity as it relates to content creation, and she shares tips about how to show up powerfully online and be yourself vs. who you feel people want to see.

Erika Ashley is an award-winning success coach, keynote speaker, and Human Design interpreter. She provides bespoke coaching services to entrepreneurs, influencers, and celebrities. Her clients have included Grammy winning bands, A-list celebrities, and a winner of The Voice. In 2018, she presented her first TEDx talk, called Equal Pay or Die Tryin’, which highlighted the importance of starting gender equality work with children, who learn gender stereotypes as early as the age of two. An entrepreneur since she was a teenager, Erika’s been featured in major media outlets like Forbes, Brit + Co., Nylon, Health, BBC, Bustle, and MindBodyGreen.

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What we cover:

  • Erika's story & how she became a success coach 
  • What it means to be a success coach + some practical insight into what they do
  • How to shift from the "Blogger" mindset to the CEO Mindset - even if business stuff doesn't come naturally to you
  • The scoop on feminism: What it means for you as a female entrepreneur and how to figure out what it means in your business
  • Honesty about our fears as women when it comes to money - why influencers often undervalue themselves.
    • Why women undervalue themselves and aren't confident talking about money
    • Advice for knowing your worth and pricing yourself confidently
  • How to show up powerfully online and be who you really are vs who you feel people want to see — + a great role model to check out
  • The importance of diversity in business - especially as an online entrepreneur
  • A look into what a coaching session or working with Erika would look like





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erika ashley success coach | pricing yourself as a blogger | blogged podcast episode 30 | #myhautesociety myhautesociety.com #blogging
erika ashley success coach | pricing yourself as a blogger | blogged podcast episode 30 | #myhautesociety myhautesociety.com #blogging

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