10 Important Terms All Bloggers Should Know

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10. Creative Brief

A big picture concept or write-up of ideas that gives a general direction for the content. It can include things like brand messaging and some details about the types of things to be included in the content. The goal of a brief is to ensure bloggers and influencers stay true to the brand's goals whether that means aligning with the brand's standards or creating content that will achieve the best engagement and results for the brand.


09. Conversion / Conversions

In terms of influencer marketing, conversion usually refers to whether or not clicks on a link or URL within a piece of influencer content leads to sales. Brands track conversions by providing the influencer with a trackable or affiliate link. This allows the brand to see how successful the influencer's content was at converting interested readers into buyers. While purchases are the most common form of tracking, depending on the brand's goals, they might use other methods to track conversions like website visits, brand channel flows, etc.

08. Disclosure

A written indicator that clearly conveys the material connection between the brand(s) and an influencer within sponsored content. A disclosure is required by the FTC (See "Federal Trade Commission") for any content that the influencer has been paid to create or that is being created around a gifted product or for an in-kind collaboration. The disclosure must be very clearly visible and convey the nature of the relationship between the brand and influencer. Examples of acceptable disclosures are #ad / #paid / #sponsored
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Our Influencer Glossary has all kinds of essential terms to help you understand the in's and outs of blogging &  influencer marketing. If your a member, access the glossary via the button below. Not a member? You can join here to get access to the glossary plus a whole library of guides, workbooks, and other member-exclusive resources.

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07. Exclusivity

Usually refers to restrictions brands might place on an influencer in terms of creating content with other similar brands or competitors. For example, if an influencer is working on a collaboration with Sephora, a brand may ask an influencer to refrain from posting about ULTA beauty for a period of time, either during the campaign or for an additional period of time after, usually 6mo to a year. Pro Tip: this is something you should request more compensation for as it limits your ability to participate in paid collaborations with other brands.

06. Integrated

 A social or blog post that mentions multiple brands and is not dedicated to one specific brand or product. It usually features multiple brands and example formats include roundup posts or gift guides. Influencers usually charge less for a non-dedicated post. It's also a good way to create content around multiple gifted products that an influencer hasn't been paid to post about.

05. Licensing

The process of the brand or agency acquiring the right to use a blogger or influencers content, likeness, or other media assets based on permissions or usage rights. The request by the brand to use the content can vary from social media use (reposting, etc) to social content being boosted (see "Whitelisting") to the brand using the content for digital advertizing like advertisements or email marketing, it might also include other forms of content repurposing. Typical campaigns where a brand creates blog and social content for a brand will include social media use and reshares. Additional compensation is typically required for any commercial use, whether that be on the brands website, email marketing, or in advertizements.
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04.No-Follow Link

This is an HTML code used to tell search engines NOT to ‘crawl’ a link. A no-follow link tells the search engine it doesn't want to be associated with the link, this means there is no relationship between the site with the link to the site being linked to. No-follow links don't boost the SEO of the site being linked to, by not passing any "link juice" or credibility from the site that has the link. Any sponsored or affiliate link should be no-follow per Google's guidelines. For more information on this, see our "What you need to know about Links + Brand Collabs" video and the "Do-Follow Link" term.

03. Unique Visitors

A measure of how many total people visited your website. Each person is counted only once, even if they visit your site multiple times and view multiple pages on your site. Unique visitors count the people who saw your site, while pageviews counts the clicks to your site. If 3 people visited your website and viewed 5 pages each, your Unique visitors would be 3 while your pageviews would be 15. Different from "Pageviews"

02. Click-through Rate

The rate at which an influencer's followers or readers click on a link or URL that is shared or within the influencer's content. Influencers with a high click-through rate have an audience that is very engaged and interested and takes action on the influencer's content. This is one of the measurable ways for brands to determine the effectiveness of an influencer's content, another is by tracking conversions (see "Conversion")

01. Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and navigate away ("bounce") from your site after viewing only one page. It can be calculated as the total number of visitors who viewed only one page divided by the total number of visitors. It's a measure of how effective your website is at engaging visitors and encouraging them to stay on your site and view other pages. A low bounce rate is more desirable, since it means fewer people are leaving your site after just one page and more people are staying on your site to view multiple pages.

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terms all bloggers should know | influencer marketing | blogging terms | influecner glossary | my Haute society | blogger Community
terms all bloggers should know | influencer marketing | blogging terms | influecner glossary | my Haute society | blogger Community
terms all bloggers should know | influencer marketing | blogging terms | influecner glossary | my Haute society | blogger Community
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