028: Launching your own Physical Product Line with “Fiercely” Founder & Blogger Valery Brennan

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On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we sit down with Valery Brennan - who is also one of our amazing members - to chat about launching your own product line as a blogger. We talk a little about her blogging career and a lot about what it took to launch her own line. We also dive into the inspiration and motivation behind her brand and Valery shares tips for other bloggers who are thinking about launching their own physical product line.

Valery Brennan is an entrepreneur, and fashion and beauty blogger with vivid hair, a knack for edgy, 80s inspired fashion and a love for everything unconventional. She's the queen of turning passions into side hustles and is the one woman operation behind the women's empowerment shop, Fiercely.

Birthed out of a lifelong love for tshirts, Fiercely provides an alternative to "feminist" shirts that are made in sweatshops. Everything at Fiercely is ethically-produced and a percentage of each purchase goes straight towards an organization that works to empower women. Let's start a conversation and maybe even change the world together.

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What we cover:

  • How Valery first got started blogging and what inspired her to start her own line of products
  • How her your line has evolved since it first began and what that process of “evolution” looked like
  • A little bit about the motivation behind Valery's brand + building a brand that is in line with your "why"
  • How bloggers can know if they’re “ready” launch a product line
  • Advice Valery has for bloggers who want to launch their own physical product line
  • Some strategies in terms of marketing your products that might be a little unique or different than other “brands” because you’re an influencer
  • How to leverage some of your existing relationships to collaborate and get the word out about your line
  • The biggest challenge to having a line as a blogger and what Valery wishes she'd done differently when just getting started





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launching your own product line | valery brennan fiercely | #myhautesociety myhautesociety.com #blogging

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