025: How to use Pinterest to the fullest + working with brands on Pinterest Collabs with Simple Pin founder Kate Ahl

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On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we talk with Kate Ahl all about how to fully leverage pinterest for your blog. We cover using Pinterest effectively to drive traffic to your blog, some of the essential analytics that you should be tracking, some strategy for promoting pins, and how to work with brands on Pinterest. 

Kate is totally a pinterest queen and has so many amazing tips and tricks to share. We also cover the benefits of Rich Pins and why  they’re a must-have for bloggers, advice for growing a following on Pinterest, and some tips for creating pins that go viral.

Kate Ahl has a passion for helping bloggers, content creators, and small business owners grow their business using Pinterest. She teaches Pinterest marketing via actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed.

She started Simple Pin as a way to help her blogger friends take one thing off their plate so they could focus back on creating content for their blog. Four years later, with 100 management clients and over 400 accounts worked with, she knows a whole heck-of-a-lot about Pinterest.



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What we cover:

  • How Kate got started as a Pinterest expert
  • Kate's best tips for using Pinterest effectively to drive traffic to your blog in terms of what you should focus on if you have limited time each week
  • Some of the essential analytics that you should be tracking as a blogger - what they tell you + what they mean in terms of changes you should be making


  • Strategy for promoting pins:  The basics and why promoted pins might be a good idea for bloggers
  • How to work with brands on Pinterest
  • The benefits of Rich Pins and why they’re a must-have for bloggers
  • Advice for growing a following on Pinterest
  • Whether or not followers are important with the Smart Feed
  • Secrets to making a pin go viral
  • Basic keywording tips for pin descriptions -  Where to find keywords and how to make sure they’re not too broad





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