024: Are you ready to be represented by an agency? Get the full scoop + a peak into how agencies can help you grow with Societygal founder Jennifer Jaden

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On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we talk with Jennifer Jaden all about the ins and outs of being represented by an agent as an influencer. We answer questions like, What do influencer agencies do? and How do I know I'm ready to be represented by an agency? Plus, we talk about different structures and fees when it comes to agencies.

We also chat about collaboration tips & trends as well as some of Jennifer's best advice for finding success as an influencer. We dive deep into Societygal to talk about how Jennifer started it as a community that grew from her passion to help female entrepreneurs succeed. Jennifer shares how Societygal has grown and expanded to now have an agency component and full suite of services.

Jennifer Jaden is the queen of creating an impactful online presence, from a bombshell brand concept to a lucrative launch, that gets you noticed in the crowd. Her goal is to help women build a strong digital presence and voice.

Jennifer started her career as a successful blogger and once she realized the power and potential in the online space, she knew she had to share her natural abilities with other women to support their growth. She has been featured in Seventeen Magazine, The Skinny Confidential, and Radiant Podcast just to name a few! Jennifer's latest venture is her agency within societygal. A completely fresh concept that connects influencers, bloggers, public figures and coaches with brands to collaborate with. Theses opportunities include features, press and endorsements that align with their brands.


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What we cover:

  • A  little bit about SocietyGal - both the community and agency component - How those can help influencers grow and maximize their exposure
  • Insight into the role of agencies when it comes to influencer marketing
  • How bloggers can know they’re “ready” to be represented by an agency
  • The different structures when it comes to partnering with an agency - like a % commission, flat rate monthly payment, etc
  • Trends you see in terms of what brands are looking for when it comes to collaboration
  •  The best piece of advice Jennifer has for influencers when it comes to building a successful career

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working with an agency as an influencer | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community
working with an agency as an influencer | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community

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