022: Email Lists & Why all Bloggers need a Killer Email Marketing Strategy with Nathan Berry, Founder and CEO of Convertkit

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On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we talk with Sumeet and Max about how to create successful collaborations using influencer platforms. They share insight into brand goals when it comes to collaborations as well as give us a little info about the BrandBacker platform and how bloggers and influencers can use it to connect and work with brands.

In previous careers Nathan has been a designer, author, and blogger. After learning the power of email marketing he gave up a successful blogging career to build ConvertKit. Outside of work Nathan spends his time playing soccer, woodworking, and chasing after his two little boys

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What we cover:

  • Basic elements of email marketing and maybe a little bit of an overview of the process
  • The metrics and statistics that bloggers should have a handle on when it comes to email marketing 
  • Essential tips and tricks for growing an email list as a blogger
  • How Convertkit was built to help bloggers grow their lists effectively
  • The basics of an email marketing funnel: what they are and why they can benefit bloggers and influencers
  • What it means to “nurture your list” + some tips for doing it successfully
  • How you can use your email list to learn more about your audience - what they are interested in or what resonates well
  •  Convertkit is working on a super cool project right now called I am a Blogger to spread the word about what it means to be a blogger: a little about what it is and how bloggers and influencers can get involved






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convertkit | email marketing and growing your list as a blogger | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community
convertkit | email lists and email marketing for bloggers | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community
convertkit | email lists and email marketing for bloggers | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community

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