020: Tailwind Part 2 – Using Tailwind to Save Time, Automate & Kill it on Pinterest with Melissa Megginson

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On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we sit down with Melissa for part 2 of 2 with Tailwind, to take a deep dive into Tailwind and learn how you can use the app to save time, automate, and kill it on Pinterest. Melissa shares insight for how to use Tailwind to schedule out your pins, get access to analytics that can help you make the best decisions for your content and your audience, and tips for leveraging Tailwind Tribes no only to get others to share your content, but also to build an authentic community on Pinterest. 

Melissa Megginson is the Marketing Manager and resident Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading visual marketing tool for brands. In her 5 years at Tailwind, Melissa has won an ADDY award, worked with major brands like Adobe and JCPenney, and is currently working towards an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.

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What we cover:

  • About the Tailwind Platform + an overview and how it got started

  • The specific advantages of the platform for bloggers

  • Strategies or tricks for scheduling pins effectively

  • How influencers can best use Tailwind not only to save time but also drive traffic to their blogs

  • Essential tips and tricks you would say are must-do’s for bloggers and influencers

  • Common mistakes people make when using Tailwind - features they are underutilizing or not using at all





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Cara: 00:00 You are listening to the blog podcast, episode number 20.

Cara & C.J.: 00:09 Welcome to blog and a podcast for influencers. We're Cara & C.J.  founders of My Haute Society, a blogger community with events and resources to help you grow your following, build your blog and monetize your influence.

Cara: 00:27 We're doing a two part series with tailwind and on this week's episode in part to have to sit down with Melissa Megginson to take a deep dive into tailwind and learn how you can use the App to save time, automate and kill it on pinterest. Melissa shares insight for how to use Tailwind to schedule out your pins, get access to analytics that can help you make the best decisions for your content and your audience and tips for leveraging tailwind tribes, not only to get others to share your content, but also to build an authentic community on pinterest.

C.J.: 01:09 Melissa, Megginson is the marketing manager and resident Cat lady at Tailwind, the leading visual marketing tool for brands. In her five years at Tailwind,  Melissa has won an addy award, worked with major brands like adobe and jc penny and is currently working towards an Mba from the University of Oklahoma. 

C.J.: 01:35 Hi Melissa. Thank you so much for sitting down with us today. We are super pumped to dive into pinterest and tailwind and learn a little bit about that as it's slowly but surely really kind of bumping up, I think becoming a huge topic of conversation in our community, so thank you for spending the time with us.

Melissa: 01:53 Well, thank you so much for inviting me. I'm excited to talk to you guys and get to know your community a little bit more.

C.J.: 01:58 I'm course. Yeah, they're excited to learn more. So we'll start with the same question we asked Alisa in part one last week, but can you share your story a little bit about how you got started and what you love about it so much

Melissa: 02:16 Tailwind was actually my very first job out of my undergraduate degree in. Funny enough, I actually thought I was applying for a job at Pinterest, what I sent in my resume for it. I was fresh out of college. I'll start. Yeah, not really knowing what I was going to do with my life and I'm at the time we were a website called Penn League, which was really focused on, um, sort of scraping and finding people for you to follow. It was a little, a little bit different from what we're doing now. But after talking to Danny, our CEO, I was sold on the vision for the company. I was sold on what they were doing and just how and driven and focused. Danny and Alex are two co-founders were so I have been with tailwind for five years and other than Danny and Alex, I have been here the longest. Wow. So it does feel like that speaks a lot to the company because it's so great to work for. I get to go to work with my best friends and talk to amazing people every single day and really help them grow their businesses and grow their pinterest accounts and just generally make the online world a better place. I, I, I always talk about how much I love my job and I could not ask for a better work environment or community or employers and employees or quits. Uh, I feel very, very lucky to be here.

C.J.: 03:47 So you hear that from a lot of entrepreneurs obviously when they're doing their own thing, but it's so rare to hear that when you're actually still a part of, you know, what is a corporation. So that's awesome. Um, I do have to ask just like such a random question, but were you bummed when you found out it wasn't pinterest?

Melissa: 04:04 I actually was a little bit because I thought he's so much fun. Like Penn League pinterest. I thought maybe it was like their sales side or something, but then, you know, I, I bounced back and was happy to even be offered a job at the 21 year old.

C.J.: 04:20 Obviously it worked out for you

C.J.: 04:27 just for people who haven't heard of tailwind because I know you just started using it within the past year and it is a game changer. We absolutely love it. But before then we had no idea anything like that existed.

Cara: 04:40 I didn't know it existed because I was like, oh, this is new. Like, nope, it's been around a while -You've just been just in the dark, haha but maybe for those people that are newer, can you share a little bit about, um, the tailwind platform? A little bit of an overview and then maybe how you, how it got started if you know any of that.

Melissa: 04:59 Oh, absolutely. So talking about just the overview of tailwind. We are a pinterest and instagram partner tool, so that means that we are directly partnered with the pinterest and Instagram Api. So you just log in using your instagram and Pinterest usernames and where we're able to, uh, be partnered with them and have that relationship with those tools, which is very valuable there. I have to give my little spiel, my little spaces feel there are other tools out there that will ask for your username and password from instagram and pinterest that are not partnering with us and you really gotta be wary of that because that's putting your account in danger. Totally. So that's just my little. I have to do it. I'd have to put it out there.

C.J.: 05:46 Something that a lot of waters um, aren't as weary about. And it's something I think you're just kind of like, oh, they're asking for permission. I'm just going to like open it up because you think it's a normal. And I've definitely started being. I even remember actually researching tailwind when I got because I was like, I don't know, like I had, you know, I saw it on twitter, some blogger wrote about it and that's how I knew about it, but I was like, well maybe she, you know, maybe she doesn't know or something. And then we're going. Obviously

Melissa: 06:13 it was like totally reputable. People don't know there's like official partners yet or official. Official. Yeah. And so that's something to keep in mind. So you know, even if you don't use tailwind, which of course I highly recommend, I used to definitely use the partner APP and so with that partnership that we have, we are really focused on helping our members grow and make the most of their time on pinterest and instagram and we do that through scheduling. So using our smart schedule which looks at when your audience is most active and most receptive to your content and plan to schedule around that as well as analytics so you can understand what's working for you, what's driving traffic and re pins and all that fun stuff so you can really make the most of what you're doing and your time on pinterest. And we have a ton of bloggers using the platform and finding great success.

Melissa: 07:09 And that's a lot of what I do here is working with and talking to bloggers to make sure that they're utilizing not only tailwind but also pinterest, instagram, all that good stuff. So that, you know, bloggers, they're busy, they have a lot to do. So making sure that their time is best spent. And tailwind actually started, um, about five and a half years ago, five and a half to six years ago at a startup weekend in New York City. That's where Danny and Alex met. Oh Wow. That's really cool. I didn't know that. Yeah. So it was sort of a serendipitous that they got teamed up and they created a company called Brian's view, which was a platform that could go on and get matched with different wedding vendors and they realized like, ah, we're getting a ton of traffic from pinterest and we're competing with them on certain things and maybe we should just really lean in on this pinterest thing, which is where Penn Lake came from and we grew from there. Decided we didn't want to be pigeonholed as penn league just for Pinterest pitcher named potato land and that sort of been history ever since I was in 2013. And we have just been growing like crazy. Expanding our network, expanding our reach and you know, really trying to make the most of our time with our members and helping them reach their full potential. Yeah. Well it's an amazing platform. Absolutely.

Melissa: 08:38 Me Too, but I am biased

C.J.: 08:42 some of the, um, a specific advantage you'd say of like using the platform for specifically bloggers or like social influencers.

Melissa: 08:53 The biggest thing I would say is, you know, are busy, they're doing so much and a lot of them still have full time jobs and so we're there to help vulgar, save time and still be present on pinterest and on instagram so they don't have to worry about it day in and day out. They can remain consistent and pinning consistently sharing instagram posts consistently to the right audience at the right time without having to, you know, stop in the middle of their job and go post to instagram or pen a bunch of stuff and it just really helps bloggers timebox efficiently. And then, you know, once a week or however often they can go in and look at their analytics and see how that content is performing. If there's any tweaks they need to make, they can with our a of side that can even look at their traffic from pinterest and see, you know, this pen did really well. Maybe it's on a certain board that I need to be pending to more and it's really just all about helping bloggers may manage their time efficiently and effectively get in front of the right people at the right times.

C.J.: 10:00 Yeah, I actually use it for that exactly how you say it. Like once a week, um, it was just something that I don't have to think about every day. Then it makes my life so much easier. And then I love the emails the tailwinds sends you on because that summary, because it reminds me to go check my stitches. So no, I think that's even that you made that point. That's exactly how I use it as a blogger. So I feel like there's so much. I haven't even.like dove into what's tailwind. Like just the automation alone has been a game changer because I was in the boat where I would get on pinterest once a week pin, like a thousand paintings and I wouldn't be feeling the other week to like a month. And my followers were probably like, what the heck? Like I don't want to.

Melissa: 10:45 Yeah, I mean pinterest signals to, so it's not just your, your followers. It's also important to maintain consistency for the pinterest algorithm say too, so it's, you know, that's just really what we're trying to do is help you guys be consistent and not not make your followers. And then pinterest algorithm feel a little crazy when you go on and pick a thousand things at once.

C.J.: 11:08 Do that really well. You're definitely, definitely one of my favorites. When it comes to scheduling tools for social, when it does come to scheduling pins, do you have any strategies or maybe some tricks for scheduling effectively?

Melissa: 11:23 The top thing I would say is the browser extension, and I know it's something that when you sign up for tailwind or a pretty pushy about it, you'd better get that browser extension.

C.J.: 11:34 I probably wouldn't have done it because I'm the non-techie version of and I was happy you were pushing on it.

Melissa: 11:42 Yeah, and there's a reason we're [inaudible]. It's amazing allows, you know if you landed on a page that just has incredible photos and you really want to share it with your audience, you can click on the button and it'll fall in all of those images and you can schedule them from there, which is a great way to get a ton of content at once. You can even do that on Pinterest, so like if you find a board that has incredible pins and you want to make sure that those go out to your audience at that tail end button, collect them and schedule them. Said that's a very fast way to make sure that you're scheduling on the go and you're not having to like go into detail when copy the url, paste it in there. It's very easy. It's, there's a reason we have everyone do it right away that says that's totally. Yeah. Number one thing

C.J.: 12:30 I was going to say, I don't even think I know how to do it without the extension. It's just like so seamless.

Melissa: 12:36 I don't know if I do either.

C.J.: 12:39 So when it comes to the actual schedule, so knowing kind of sets up one for you, can you kind of speak to what goes into that and how it kind of decides on like the optimal schedule so you don't have the care?

Melissa: 12:54 Yeah. So that's what we call our smart schedule and it is looking at your pinterest presence when he's been pending and when your followers and people finding your content have been discovering that content and sending that content and create a schedule based around those metrics. So when we say smart scheduled, we really do mean it is a smart schedule, paying attention to what's happening on your account and creating a schedule from there. I believe we start people off with like five to 10 hens per day, but you can always go down if it's overwhelming and then build up or as you're growing we have recommended time slots of pop up that you can just click on and it'll add that time slot for you. So you're able to continue to grow, uh, and make sure that you're getting in front of your audience at the right time on the right days,

C.J.: 13:48 which is awesome because I know a lot of other schedules schedulers, you log in and it's like, OK, set up your schedule and you're like, what did I have no idea. Like the adding. I like how it like really does get that feedback and kind of know when the best times are and then recommend those for you. So like is continually improving and it's not just like a schedule you set and forget kind of thing.

C.J.: 14:12 I think that like you're my smart schedule usually leans towards evenings, which I'm assuming is because most people have jobs and are working like we are in there all day and aren't pinning. Would you ever think that it's like a smart thing to do to add on and start trying to get more traffic like in the morning? Or would you say the smartest thing to do is to stick with just that smart schedule and just benefit the most from

Melissa: 14:36 that has been the absolute smartest thing you can do. Is test a continually be testing and optimizing, so if you want to see if you can get in front of the people that know, maybe scrolling through their phone first thing in the morning, waking up, then absolutely tested and see if those time slots are performing for you so then you can go back and keep them or delete them and be able to see if that is working or if it isn't.

C.J.: 15:01 That's a really good point. I was just curious.

Speaker 3: 15:04 Yeah,

Cara: 15:10 we just wanted to take a second to fill you in on tailwind. Tailwind is amazing. It can help you automate pinterest, scheduling your pins for you and give you great insights. If you want to try it. We have a referral code that you can use to get your first month free. All you have to do is go to bit dot Lee slash try. Tailwind will also have this linked in the resources section of the show notes for easy reference and now back to the episode.

C.J.: 15:47 Um, so how can it influencers best use tailwind, not only to obviously save time, which is a godsend, but also to really drive traffic to their personal blogs, which is obviously the biggest thing that we're trying to kind of get from using Pinterest, which we would love that. Alicia talked a lot about how pinterest is all about pushing people away from the site, which is something you really don't find anywhere else. So, um, how do you think influencers could best use that to their advantage?

Melissa: 16:16 So I think my favorite part of tailwind I haven't even talked about yet, and that is our tribes features, which, uh, our CEO coated, it's making social media a team sport. You go in and you searched for tribes that are related to your niche and you join them in, you're working with fellow bloggers that are in your niche sharing similar content. You're supporting one another and you never have to leave the tailwind dashboard. It's a great way to collect really relevant content to your audience and they'll be sharing your pins as well. So it's reciprocal. It's a, it's a great way to support your fellow blogger. It's also a great way to just sort of make friends in that space so you're able to get that content out there faster or country's smart food. I'm not sure if Alisa touched on this much, but pinterest smart food is not necessarily a hundred percent based on when the pen goes out.

Melissa: 17:12 It's based on a lot of different factors. So the quicker you have more people sharing your content from your site, the faster it'll rank in algorithms and get in front of people and that's just going to help you and you're helping your fellow blogger by doing that in return. And so it is built in there. You can see, um, how many times you've shared. If you need to share a little bit more, you can create a try it if you don't see one that's necessarily right in line with what you're doing. We have some that are based around community. So you know, you guys can make a community one for your, uh, for your group and share each other's. There's just so much power within tribes. And it's so exciting and I can talk about it all day.

C.J.: 17:55 They are so cool and I really love how you in like instead of a group born where it's like actually on your pinterest pinterest account, they're like behind the scenes and then they can be like a bigger than some of the group boards I've even found.

Melissa: 18:09 Oh yeah, they can be really huge. And actually some of the most popular ones though or most effective I'll say have been really small one. So like a group, a small group ministry sponsors coming together and sharing each other's content because they're not necessarily seeing those come through on pinterest or I know there's a ton of facebook share groups and things like that. So it's right there. You know where you're thinking about sharing content and you can schedule it very easily. You're not having to bounce around to different tabs.

C.J.: 18:38 Yeah, it's a really good point. I didn't even think of that because like, usually I don't know if you're aware of like behind the scenes instagram with bloggers, a lot of like group boards through Dns and everything that you kind of help with engagement. Um, but that would be a good idea with just creating smaller groups with the people you already know, you know, you have the content and then can just really want to get a benefit from seeing each other's pins. But to knowing that always someone's going to have your back. So that's something I didn't even think you'd always think like the higher number is the more shares, but um, that's a really good way of thinking about it.

Melissa: 19:10 Yeah. We really want to support that community and make sure that their need for supporting, helping people support their communities and just sort of, we believe that you can grow bigger, better, faster together. So why not make sure and enable that.

C.J.: 19:26 Yeah, totally. So are there any like strategies to tailwind tribes besides, um, maybe just like finding groups that are really good fit. Like should you focus on kind of finding a variety of groups or how does that work?

Melissa: 19:41 Finding a variety is really good because then you can, you know, see if some are working better for you than others. I, it's not necessarily a bad thing if you join one and the people just aren't interested in what you're pinning because there's probably another tribe out there for you. Uh, one of the nice things is we have a preview before you joined so you can see what the rules are, what kind of content is being pins. You can see a list of the people that are in there and how many shares have been created. So that's a good way to evaluate before you join. Because we do have a limit on the number of tribes you can join depending on your plan level. So you do, you don't have to like upgrade to our unlimited plan to be able to see all the information, but it's still really good to see that. And then if you don't see one that is exactly in your niche so you can create one. And that's how you can start inviting people into your tribe. I'm helping spread the word and make your own rules that way. So we have some people that'll say one to one ratio if you're sharing when you a pen, one or only a portrait style pins, things like that. So it's really, it's what you make of it when you're putting in is what you're going to get out

C.J.: 20:59 for. Sure. That's awesome. Um, do you have any like essential tips and tricks that you would say are our must use for bloggers and influencers when it comes to using tailwind?

Melissa: 21:10 Uh, definitely be consistent. Consistency is key on pretty much any platform. I think really a good idea. And that's, you know, you're sending the right signals to pinterest and showing them that you're adding value to the site and making sure that you're not only planning your own content. I like to think interest as a magazine and not a catalog. People went through and you know, ads are good every once in awhile. Senior and content is great every once in a while, but people are there to be inspired. Are there to start crafting their perfect life there, they're just not to only see exactly what you're doing from your website, but they're there to see what your curating based on what a, whatever it is that you are promoting with pinterest. So making sure that it's not all from your site. Recently pinterest came out and said it should be about 50 50 pins from your insight and pins from other people, but you can play with that ratio as well. And again, I think testing is really important and really great. And what works for one person may not work for another. Yeah. And pay attention to those, those, uh, analytics not only tailwinds but also on pinterest.

C.J.: 22:34 Yeah. So maybe we could talk about kind of the tailwind analytics a little bit. I know there's a lot of amazing information and for someone just getting on, maybe it could be overwhelming. So what are like a few key statistics that would be really good to focus on? Just starting out and then maybe a couple more to add on once you have the hang of it.

Melissa: 22:55 Uh, one of the most valuable ones I think right away to look at is fewer pen inspector and that will show you, I think you're 500 most recent pants and you can sort those by the date pinned by what board they're on by certain key words, um, different categories and by the number of reasons so you can pay attention to what pins are driving, a bunch of free pens, what pin maybe what boards are those pins on and really see where your traffic and where your refunds are coming from, dependent specter. And so that's, that's one that's really, really important. And I also love just being able to type in any key word and see the different ones that come up. And you can also see the ones from your site. There's, excuse me, there's a ton that you can do with the pen inspector. And then I think our most under utilized report and the dashboard is the board insights page. That one is incredible, especially if you have a bunch of group boards and he wanted to make sure that you're in a pending to the right boards and paying attention to the right group boards and it can be really overwhelming to keep up with like 70 board.

C.J.: 24:11 It's a few have

Melissa: 24:15 so if you want to, you know, maybe see which ones need more love, which ones are driving repins for you. I mean even within the past seven to 30 days. That's a good stat to look out what boards are driving this red pens or those followers for the past 30 days. What ones haven't driven me any free pens in the past 30 days and maybe those are ones that you can leave and not have to think about anymore. Free up that room in your brain or or even be able to join other ones that are more relevant to you.

C.J.: 24:50 No, that's a really good point because I think that's even true with again like the instagram pod groups or something like if you start noticing one that's just like not in gauging the right way or doesn't have the right people. Even getting to your pictures, I mean, what's the point of, you put so much effort into your social media if you're already spending so much time on it and it's not really paying back. Um, I think that's a huge thing. Like I'm definitely going to go look at that tonight because I'm curious if there's any of them that I can get rid of and add a different one or something. So that's a good tip.

Melissa: 25:18 Even with tailwind. A couple of years ago I took a look at it and our most popular board was one on Seo and I never pin to it. So I started in pending to it more and more. We created more boards are related to the pens that were on there. So we're able to expand our reach a little bit that way. I'm sure it's changed since then. Alisa is doing all of our pending for us now. But that was one of the really interesting insights that, you know, I was able to glean personally was people are really interested in what we have to say around website development and um, what you can do on your site to improve your pinterest presence.

C.J.: 25:56 Yeah, I think it's so cool. All the feedback you get from like pinterest and tailwind analytics, like about your content almost, you know, it like resonates with your audience maybe more clearly than you do on other platforms. So yeah, for sure. So, um, are there any mistakes that you see in terms of like people using tailwind or maybe even specifically bloggers? I know you talked about the board insights being under utilized in anything. Do you see anything else that people are either making mistakes on or not using enough that could really, really benefit traffic?

Melissa: 26:28 I would say that probably the biggest mistake outside of like putting too much of your own content is being afraid of working with other people that are into niche related to you because you see them as competition when really I know it's a popular saying not on the Internet. That collaboration over competition or community over competition and that's so true. It really should be more about lifting each other up and helping one another and growing together and that's where, you know, of course tribes comes in, but as well as group boards and pending your friends content, making sure you're going to their page or their pinterest page and scheduling out some pens from there. So I'd say that's probably the biggest issue, not just within Pinterest, but just overall in the business community.

C.J.: 27:20 No, I'm glad you said that because we talk so highly of community over competition. We actually even did an interview with um, Natalie Natalie who started. Yeah, like the Hashtag community over competition. Never thought it would have gone as blown up as it did, but we even dive deeper with our community that it's so much more than just hashtag like it's something you really need to be supporting your girl bosses even if it's not even girl bosses, but other male friends who are even doing it. And so I think to see that that's even becoming a real thing on pinterest is huge because the social media world is so over saturated with people and I think it's become this like stepping stone of who do you trust or who do you work with or who you give out information and who you want to be one on one with and I think I'm not having to question that and just know that there's a community out there of girls or guys who are supporting you and supporting your content is like the biggest thing that we're trying to push. And I think everyone is in 2018, which is so beautiful. Seen it like rise so much this year.

C.J.: 28:27 Just that collaboration can be a competitive strategy like you're all working together to grow. And I feel like stuff like tribes really makes that feels so much easier. Like you don't have to go out and find all these people and then like build your own group. It's just like really easy to find a group that you fit in with and I'll be able to support each other. So definitely amazing.

Melissa: 28:50 One of our influencers was talking about tribe. She had this found this great quote from Helen Keller said, alone, we can do so little to but together we can do so much and that really is a theme. I'm tribes of community over competition of working together, growing together better together. And again, I love hearing that you guys are supporting that too.

C.J.: 29:15 Yeah, and I think it was something like, just like if any of the bloggers are listening. I remember when I first started it was almost not, I'm really a big extroverted community type person as is, but when I started I was really scared to do that. Community wasn't as much as I wanted competition. I just didn't want to know how to die. I didn't know how to dive in and I was scared to reach out to people and ever since I changed that mindset and really just dove in and really took the opportunity of coming. Even if it was a blogger that has 200,000 followers and jamming them about what they use to edit or um, any other questions I might have. It really changed my life because when I started actually connecting with people one on one, um, and so I think that's like a huge thing that people, I know people are really scared to do it, but maybe not as much as not wanting to do it. Um, but taking that first step is like life changing and opened my door to so many collaborations and like even this giveaways to gain more followers from people that were like, you, you know, certain things like that that I would've never been able to do two years ago because I was so scared that people are going to laugh at me or not thinking of good as bad or something like that. Yeah. I love that.

Melissa: 30:26 If you think about it, who doesn't like to be asked for their opinion or come in and I'm the same as the same way, they'd be afraid to ask people for things. I'm less extroverted, a little bit more introverted, so it was an uncomfortable space for me, but people are generally so nice and so welcoming and always moving to help. It's wonderful.

C.J.: 30:51 It is wonderful. Yeah. I feel lucky to be a part of it. So before we kind of wrap up, are there, is there any other like feature or maybe like a really good way to use tailwind that we haven't really gone over that you kind of want to share or give us a little advice about

Melissa: 31:09 the. The thing that I would say is our instagram product. I know we didn't talk much at all, but it's really neat. I would definitely recommend checking out, especially our hashtag finder if you're on on Instagram, it allows you to type in some hashtags and will recommend one based on those hashtags that you typed in and it's a great way to discover new ones and we ranked them by popularity. So there's competitive ones, good ones, better ones, more niche ones. Um, and it's just amazing for finding those hashtags and those communities on instagram that you might not have known about before.

C.J.: 31:48 That's awesome. Like a Hashtag. Yeah. Perfect. So now that we've learned a lot about you, where can people find you online? Like as in your website, social, personal, social is anything like that. So people can connect with you as a community, so tailwind

Melissa: 32:08 where you can learn more about tailwind and sign up for our free trial of course. And then you can find me pretty much anywhere on the Internet at Melmeg. Mel In egg.

C.J.: 32:20 Perfect. Yeah, we'll link that all below obviously. And Yeah, I think we have a tribe actually that we have for our members. We have a few people in that of link that below as well so everyone can jump in on that. Thank you so much. So Melissa, we like I totally cob, we're so excited these interviews, um, just being able to sit down and talk about pinterest and ton as para and I have really, really jumped into it. Um, and I know a lot of bloggers again just have like a fear of time commitment or um, you know, not knowing what's really going to come from it or anything like that. So thank you. Thank you for filling in a lot of the gaps and really just educating, um, you know, some of our community about tailwind. Oh absolutely. And I'm always happy to help. So, you know, send me a message on whatever platform we can find me on and I will help guide your way. For sure. Thank you so much guys.

Cara: 33:18 Don't forget to check out the show notes for all the amazing resources and then that link to grab one month. Free of tailwind is bit.ly/trytailwind . If you liked this show, be sure to rate, review and subscribe on itunes. Leave us a review, be sure to screenshot it and send it over on instagram and we will give you a shout out. Then one more thing we would absolutely loved if you join my society as a member, it's less per month than a dozen donuts from Dunkin and you can get access to all sorts of exclusive resources like posts, guides, workbooks, rate calculators in more. That will help you grow your following, build your blog and monetize your influence. If this sounds like a good deal, you can hop over to my hood society.com/join.


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 tailwind for bloggers | tailwind tips | pinterest strategy | using tailwind for pinterest | pinterest scheduler | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community

tailwind for bloggers | tailwind tips | pinterest strategy | using tailwind for pinterest | pinterest scheduler | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community
tailwind for bloggers | tailwind tips | pinterest strategy | using tailwind for pinterest | pinterest scheduler | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community
tailwind for bloggers | tailwind tips | pinterest strategy | using tailwind for pinterest | pinterest scheduler | my haute society | blogger resources | blogger community
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