017: The Art of Collaboration with Muses founder and CEO Shirley Yang

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 On this week's episode of the Blogged Podcast, we sit down with Shirley to talk about some of her best tips for creating successful collaborations, some advice on community for bloggers and some of the key things influencers should be focused on when it comes to the influencer’s role in really helping brands grow through partnerships.

Shirley also shares what inspired her to start the Muses platform, how it has grown and developed form her initial vision, an overview of the Muses app for bloggers or influencers who maybe haven’t used it yet, and some ways you can get plugged into the Muses platform as an influencer.

Shirley Yang is the Founder and CEO of Muses, a global brand builders' network with 20,000 members in 75 countries. Shirley has helped thousands of YouTube and Instagram stars rise to fame as well as hundreds of companies from small businesses to the Fortune 50's strategize social media and influencer marketing strategies. Shirley's background is in Engineering, she's led product tech teams at NBC, Amazon, Sony, and Fox. Shirley is also on the Advisory Board for DoSomething.org and Women Tech Founders.

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muses app founder shirley yang | muses app influencers | blogged podcast | my haute society
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